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Aaroglass are one of the leading emergency glazing, broken window and glass repair specialists covering Portsmouth, Southampton, Bournemouth & Poole.

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    Bournemouth, Dorset, BH8 9RG
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Here are some frequently asked questions.

Q: What is the difference between laminated and toughened glass and which should I use?

Toughened glass is upto five times as strong as ordinary glass which means that it has to be hit much harder in order to break, also when it does break it is into lots of small pieces which are much less dangerous.

Laminated glass has the same strength as ordinary glass but it consists of two pieces of glass with a sandwich of plastic interlayer. If the glass does get broken this interlayer holds the whole piece in place so there is no hole left in the window for an intruder to get in through for example or large free shards.

Q: Can you replace glass the same day?

Yes in most cases we can change glass the same day , in the event it is double glazed it can take upto five working days.

Q: Do I need to have safety glass?

Please have a look at the following document: Click Here

Q: Is it possible to replace one skin of a double glazed unit?

Yes the whole unit needs replacing as they are sealed, however its not that costly please contact us for details.

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